Voltage Inc. Otome Game reviews 4

Well I’m back, with lots more games under my wing! Now let’s see if I can actually remember half of them.

As always, spoilers – spoilers everywhere!


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More reviews on Voltage Inc.’s guys

Obviously, I’ve still been purchasing more guys from Voltage’s games – including from their newest addition 10 Days With My Devil. These are my half-assed reviews because I can hardly remember them, but will try to write from what I do remember.

Read my previous reviews here.

Read more under the cut. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, BE WARNED.
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Voltage Inc. Otome games

So I’ve always been a fan of otome games, and lately, there are finally some games being translated to English. Obviously I had to go and buy a bunch of them to support them and show there’s an actual market for otome games outside of Japan. Those games in question are made by Voltage Inc. and are for mobile platforms, so Android and iOS only.

I’d like to review all the games and characters that I’ve played so far, so continue to read on if you’d like! Oh, and LOADS of spoilers, don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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