Things have settled since I came to Japan, though I feel like I’m still spending a lot of money carelessly.

I need to work on my farm tiles, get that thing going so I can finish it up in a month or two. I really need to focus more >_<

Anyways, I went to Nagoya with Emily yesterday, and met up with Souma and Makoto. We went to the zoo (which was connected to a park, which was also pretty), and saw a baby elephant hehe. Apparently Makoto has an all-year pas for the zoo … she seems to visit it a lot. The entrance fee was also super cheap, 500 yen! I wish everything was that cheap! It started to rain (and silly me thought I'd be ok with an umbrella), so that was a bummer. Bought an umbrella later after Souma was forced to share one with me. It was still fun though! We took some purikura stickers as well, since that’s like, a thing to do. Always. I think my pockets will be filled with purikura when I go back home.

Did I mention I love my new shoes? They’re super comfortable! It was such a pain in the ass trying to find some in my size though. I’ve got giant feet in Japan, apparently. I’m 25cm which is their LL size, and they rarely have that. In the Netherlands … I’m considered small.

After the zoo we went to sing at karaoke. I tried to sing some Japanese songs, but I still suck XD gotta work on my hiragana. Also it took me forever to realize that in one song, they were saying ‘fighter!’ and ‘power!’ ahaha. Engrish is so funny sometimes. I must memorize the lyrics to that Week song (dunno the artist)! It is my goal before I leave Japan.

Later at night we ate some food at this Moroccan restaurant Emily’s had her sights on for months now. We just ordered a bunch of everything and shared food. I got to have my couscous! Souma seemed confused that the Moroccan waiter could speak Japanese, it was funny. I started getting a headache, and luckily Souma carried around some medicine, so thank you ~ I should start carrying around some myself! We talked lots, and I think Makoto definitely learned a thing or two in English XD we will meet up with her again when she’s not so busy. She’s busy with a piano rehearsal, apparently she’ll be performing soon, that’s super impressive! I’m jealous of her. I can’t play any music instrument at all. I kinda want to listen to her play.

Afterwards we went to a cafe to kill time. I managed to draw something for both Makoto and Souma, since I think that’s only fair because I had requested something from Souma last time. Then we all left to go home. It was super fun, I’m glad we got to spend so much time together *_*

Oh, and something embarrassing happened half-way throughout the day. I learned that my girlcrush is not actually a girl. Yeeaahhhh, Souma’s just one very pretty boy. I am sorry I mistook you for a woman … when you are a MomoKai fan, I will automatically assume everyone has XX chromosomes =_= I seriously need to study Japanese faces in more detail, it’s hard to tell someone’s gender. And learn to differentiate between male and female names. Though this makes me wonder if there were any other guys at the MomoKai party …

So Mitchell offered to take me to lunch when he’s in Tokyo next month, and I’m still undecided. Going back to Tokyo is expensive, and other than going to Enterbrain’s headquarters, there’s not much else to do. Unless I’m meeting up with other people who live in Tokyo as well, like Souma or Sasaki. And Emily won’t come, since it’s expensive for her too (and she can only go on weekends), so I’d be going alone which is … a recipe for disaster XD

Though I did see this special offer in June that’s about 3500 Yen for the nightbus (roundtrip), and that’s pretty damn cheap, compared to like 18,000 yen for the bullet train. But I don’t want to go alone T_T I’d get so lost.

But who knows, maybe I’ll go. Maybe if Mitchell pays for my bullet train ahahah.