Taking forever

Moving out and getting shit done is taking forever, and it has eaten up my time by a lot. Been been pretty much busy for an entire month, and haven’t worked much on my tiles.

But I at least did finish the poster!

Now, hopefully when I settle in, I can work at godspeed.


More reviews on Voltage Inc.’s guys

Obviously, I’ve still been purchasing more guys from Voltage’s games – including from their newest addition 10 Days With My Devil. These are my half-assed reviews because I can hardly remember them, but will try to write from what I do remember.

Read my previous reviews here.

Read more under the cut. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, BE WARNED.
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Text adventures!

I’m kind of tempted to write a text adventure. And if in the unforeseeable future that ever gets finished, I’d turn it into a visual novel.

Obviously, it would be an otome game, meaning you’ll be a girl and have some romancy scenes with guys.

The idea that I had is that instead of making stereotypes for the guys, I’d make stereotypes for the girl (which is you), and the guys would all react to you differently based on your personality. For now, I came up with two types: assertive and passive. And then I take it even further: you can make a good first impression on the guy, or a bad first impression. Having a good first impression while being assertive makes a guy react differently to you than if you made a bad first impression while being assertive.

I could split it up into these possible scenarios:
Good impression + assertive = you will flirt and make romantic moves on your guy, and the guy will be very impressed by you
Bad impression + assertive = you will fight (sometimes physically) head to head with your guy because he now hates you, and your assertive personality makes you not back down
Good impression + passive = the guy will dote on you and feel the need to protect you, and will try to flirt with you more
Bad impression + passive = instead of fighting head on, both of you will be more passive aggressive with each other and will make snappy comments

As you can see, there is no need to create a tsundere stereotype, when I can just go for an assertive personality type and make a bad first impression – and now all the guys will act like tsunderes towards me. Or perhaps you’d like it if your man was assertive and protective of you, you’d go for a passive personality and a good first impression. Or perhaps you’d like the deadpan snarker stereotype, then go for a passive personality with a bad first impression.

My point is; the guys can display all these stereotypes, but it would still play out differently based on their own personality (one guy might try to tackle you if you have a bad first impression with an assertive personality, but another might actually be scared of you!). So instead of there only being one tsundere, they can all display tsundere traits.

Of course, this is still just an idea.

Just keeps piling up

Still working on it, but I swear I’ll never get done with the amount I still have left to do …

But at least, here’s a pretty screenshot:


The time system is up and running, changing tints as it nears sunset and so on.

I’ve been working on a bunch of action sprites for the main heroes, but it’s been driving me crazy, so I took a break from it and made a pretty Japanese bridge instead.

And progress is made!

No, I haven’t been slacking off on my farm tiles – I’ve been working on it!

So here’s a quick map to show off some progress:

(it kinda looks like a game already)

The nature tiles are now all 100% done, as well as the custom HUD and time system. Unfortunately, I’m not done, I would say I’m halfway done 😦 it’s a lot of work I’m putting myself through, especially with the custom characterset.

Voltage Inc. Otome games

So I’ve always been a fan of otome games, and lately, there are finally some games being translated to English. Obviously I had to go and buy a bunch of them to support them and show there’s an actual market for otome games outside of Japan. Those games in question are made by Voltage Inc. and are for mobile platforms, so Android and iOS only.

I’d like to review all the games and characters that I’ve played so far, so continue to read on if you’d like! Oh, and LOADS of spoilers, don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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Farm tiles … I think

I’m adding so much stuff to my Farm Tiles pack, I don’t think it’s right to call it a ‘Farm Tiles’ pack anymore.

You could theoretically just opt to buy my tiles instead of Luna’s Modern Tiles if you want to make a modern game, since I’ll have everything the Modern Tiles have, except even more. Of course, it’s a different art style, but it has a lot of content. Specifically it’ll include an all new sprite pack, and people love sprites.

It’ll have a lot of furniture for you to mess around with (I think 3 different furniture styles, plus one recolour. One of those styles is Japanese themed), not to mention the building-specific tiles such as a forge for a blacksmith, desks for a school classroom, or a mannequin for a tailor etc. You could simply create a life sim or dating sim with the pack, and you’d have everything you need (bar actual portraits for the characters).

Anyways, here’s a small sneak peek: