I can’t make it a December release for my rural farm tiles. I’m so sad. It’s just so much work, and I keep overestimating myself! I just finished the male sprites, which already took a month, so doing the female sprites will take even longer … which means it’ll be 2014 by then.

Ah well, I guess I’ll be starting the new year with a new tileset then.


New home!

I’ve finally finished my new home! Moving out and painting and fixing all that stuff took about a total of 3 weeks. Of course, my family helped out, so big thanks to them!

So ladies and gentlemen, here’s my new home:


My new kitty, Sana, can be seen in the first picture, sitting pretty on a little nightstand at the window 🙂

Now that’s done … back to work!


Backdating this post, as I forgot to blog about it!

June 9 was supposed to be my last expensive trip in Japan. Emily and I had ordered shinkansen (speed bullet train) tickets to Yokohama – the second most populated city in Japan – to relax in the hot springs and watch some fireworks with Souma.

First things first, let’s go relax in some hot springs that are … filled with unusual liquids. From the top of my mind, there was a coffee bath, a beer/sake bath, a wine bath, a green tea bath, a honey bath, a pudding bath and a … I forgot. Either way, there were a lot, and oh my god some of them were scalding hot!! But it was awesome nonetheless. We spend about 3 hours there, while some Russian dude tried to flirt with us (the memory will make Emily laugh spontaneously). HONESTLY I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION OKAY!?

The green tea bath! Was pretty popular.

Also, they had a waterslide, which I went down on super fast and it was actually kind of dangerous so I slowed myself down. But despite slowing down, I crashed into the water so hard, it blew out my eardrum. I was deaf on one side of my ear for the rest of the time until we found a drugstore where I could pay some q-tips to clean out my ear.

The city this hot spring was in was not Yokohama but. Uh. Well, city names just get fuzzy to me after a while. Either way, it was apparently a city known for its resorts, and a lot of people go their for their wedding anniversary. It was up in the mountains and very scenic and beautiful I’d definitely go back there again.

Time to go to China Town in Yokohama and meet up with Souma! Yes, Japan’s got a China Town. Apparently it’s the largest one in Asia.

Afbeelding 2 039
The gate that leads to China Town!

Met up with Souma (who’s a wimp and didn’t want to come swim with us), and walked around China Town for a bit. Honestly, I felt like we were short on time, I could probably spend hours walking around there looking at everything, but we were on a schedule. Got some more windchimes in this haul (I collect them). We found an all you can eat restaurant, and surprisingly … they did not speak Chinese, but Japanese. Heh. I had some sharkfin dumplings, and they were actually pretty good! The duck, not so much. Screw Chinese duck, I’m never having it again.

Purikura time! Because. You know. It’s a thing.

And because it’s also a thing to cover up people’s eyes. Obviously Emily and I don’t care.

After China Town, we went to this … tower thingy at Yokohama bay overseeing Cosmoworld (it’s a themepark). I forgot what the name was – but man, that elevator made my ears pop. I feel bad for the clerks that have to repeat the same info over and over again while the elevator goes up and down. Souma suggested to watch the fireworks up here, but that would mean we wouldn’t have time to ride the …

Awesome fucking ferris wheel!

So after a bit of wishy washy talking, we went to stand in line for the ferris wheel! The line was … long. It took twenty minutes give or take, because people were trying to ride the thing in time for the fireworks. I wondered why people would both sit on the same side of the cart, which makes the entire thing slanted because of the combined weight. Souma said it’s because it’s more romantic. It was funny seeing one guy pull his girlfriend over to his side as they sat in the cart XD

Afbeelding 2 038
View of Cosmoworld from the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel was unbearably slow. It took 15 minutes to make a full cycle, all the while this automatic message was playing over the speakers to talk about some facts. Ferris wheels in Japan are so weird to me, since they’re fully enclosed and they take forever to complete. Mine are open like this, and take about 5 minutes to finish. Souma asked me about safety because the carts are open and no one is strapped in … and I guess the Dutch don’t really do safety XD common sense is what we practice, I guess.

After that was over, we went down to the bay and found a spot to watch the fireworks from. It was super crowded V_V but to be expected. The fireworks were super pretty though! There were ones I hadn’t seen before – and they had rainbow coloured ones too! Those were the best. I loved how the entire crowd kept going ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at almost each and every single explosion. It was like a live laugh track to a sitcom, except for awe and applause.

I’ve got a recorded video as well, but I guess a picture will do for now!

Getting back to our station for the shinkansen was a pain, because the entire crowd was going to the station as well. Talk about getting lost in a crowd! No wonder they show this in anime a lot, where the guy will hold the girl’s hand so she doesn’t get separated, because … YOU TOTALLY DO GET SEPARATED WITHOUT IT! AHH!!

All in all, it was a very busy day, got to see lots of things, experience new things, and it was fun. I just get the feeling there weren’t enough hours in the day though, everything felt a bit rushed so to speak 😦

Oh, and Souma gave me a present! It was this awesome little sketchbook and he drew MomoKai on all of the pages *_* gahh it was so cute, and pretty! Made me feel inadequite for giving him a pathetic non-coloured drawing of MomoKai. And oh boy it’s making me feel super guilty, too. I’ll make it up to you Souma! If you’d e-mail me back already and give me your damn address. If Makoto, whose English is below average, can send me one, so can you!

Ahh, my time in Japan is coming to an end soon. I will most definitely want to go back again next year, but it all depends on money 😦

Otaku friends

June 16 is when I met up again with Makota for the last time (Naachin also came by later during the day). Did some karaoke, browsed doujinshi, purikura, and ate some delicious food ~

It was so much fun, and very informative! We got into this discussion about real friends, and otaku friends. I had asked Makoto why everyone still used their online nicknames in an offline setting, despite knowing them for so long already.

She explained that they tend to keep otaku friends separate from their real friends, and don’t hand out much private information. Information I deem frivolous, and something you should know about all of your friends. Information such as your name (yes, their real name!), birthday and age, where you live (or just your full address), what job you do, what siblings you have, if you still live at home, if you are in a relationship with someone etc. etc.

It’s something I ask of anyone I’m interested in – after all, I want to get to know people!

The otaku however, don’t ask questions. They talk about their shared interests together, will meet up offline and still continue to use their online nickname, and keep private information a secret. They don’t ask, and they don’t tell. Makoto said that she didn’t even know Souma’s real name until last year, and she’s known him for several years! She also said she couldn’t even remember Naachin’s real name (and I don’t think she knows Makoto’s either. She didn’t know Souma’s), and they simply still refer to each other by their online nicknames.

But what if your nickname was something like dickhead69?

Anyways, so they keep their private life and their otaku life very separate. I was pretty amazed by it, as I’m a very straightforward person, and I do not hang out with people I have no interest in. The friends I make online, I do not keep them shielded from personal information about myself. If I’m putting in the effort to set aside some time to hang out with you? It means I like you, and want to know more about you and create more memories together. I am not just meeting with them for the sake of talking about our shared otaku interest. We can do that online! So that’s our fundamental difference, and Makoto then said we can be real friends, and not otaku friends XD

I guess I must have come off as very invasive when I asked all those ‘personal’ questions at the MomoKai party (questions I think are very normal to ask of anyone), so I hope I didn’t rub anyone the wrong way with my curiosity.

After all, I want to get to know the people who like MomoKai! We could be friends ~ and making new friends is always a good thing.

Now if only they would actually reply to my e-mails …


Things have settled since I came to Japan, though I feel like I’m still spending a lot of money carelessly.

I need to work on my farm tiles, get that thing going so I can finish it up in a month or two. I really need to focus more >_<

Anyways, I went to Nagoya with Emily yesterday, and met up with Souma and Makoto. We went to the zoo (which was connected to a park, which was also pretty), and saw a baby elephant hehe. Apparently Makoto has an all-year pas for the zoo … she seems to visit it a lot. The entrance fee was also super cheap, 500 yen! I wish everything was that cheap! It started to rain (and silly me thought I'd be ok with an umbrella), so that was a bummer. Bought an umbrella later after Souma was forced to share one with me. It was still fun though! We took some purikura stickers as well, since that’s like, a thing to do. Always. I think my pockets will be filled with purikura when I go back home.

Did I mention I love my new shoes? They’re super comfortable! It was such a pain in the ass trying to find some in my size though. I’ve got giant feet in Japan, apparently. I’m 25cm which is their LL size, and they rarely have that. In the Netherlands … I’m considered small.

After the zoo we went to sing at karaoke. I tried to sing some Japanese songs, but I still suck XD gotta work on my hiragana. Also it took me forever to realize that in one song, they were saying ‘fighter!’ and ‘power!’ ahaha. Engrish is so funny sometimes. I must memorize the lyrics to that Week song (dunno the artist)! It is my goal before I leave Japan.

Later at night we ate some food at this Moroccan restaurant Emily’s had her sights on for months now. We just ordered a bunch of everything and shared food. I got to have my couscous! Souma seemed confused that the Moroccan waiter could speak Japanese, it was funny. I started getting a headache, and luckily Souma carried around some medicine, so thank you ~ I should start carrying around some myself! We talked lots, and I think Makoto definitely learned a thing or two in English XD we will meet up with her again when she’s not so busy. She’s busy with a piano rehearsal, apparently she’ll be performing soon, that’s super impressive! I’m jealous of her. I can’t play any music instrument at all. I kinda want to listen to her play.

Afterwards we went to a cafe to kill time. I managed to draw something for both Makoto and Souma, since I think that’s only fair because I had requested something from Souma last time. Then we all left to go home. It was super fun, I’m glad we got to spend so much time together *_*

Oh, and something embarrassing happened half-way throughout the day. I learned that my girlcrush is not actually a girl. Yeeaahhhh, Souma’s just one very pretty boy. I am sorry I mistook you for a woman … when you are a MomoKai fan, I will automatically assume everyone has XX chromosomes =_= I seriously need to study Japanese faces in more detail, it’s hard to tell someone’s gender. And learn to differentiate between male and female names. Though this makes me wonder if there were any other guys at the MomoKai party …

So Mitchell offered to take me to lunch when he’s in Tokyo next month, and I’m still undecided. Going back to Tokyo is expensive, and other than going to Enterbrain’s headquarters, there’s not much else to do. Unless I’m meeting up with other people who live in Tokyo as well, like Souma or Sasaki. And Emily won’t come, since it’s expensive for her too (and she can only go on weekends), so I’d be going alone which is … a recipe for disaster XD

Though I did see this special offer in June that’s about 3500 Yen for the nightbus (roundtrip), and that’s pretty damn cheap, compared to like 18,000 yen for the bullet train. But I don’t want to go alone T_T I’d get so lost.

But who knows, maybe I’ll go. Maybe if Mitchell pays for my bullet train ahahah.