Not quite pixelart sprites

After struggling with creating some crops for my farm tiles, I’ve decided to take a break from them (I do not like them at all), and instead work on a sprite base that I’ve been planning to include in the pack.

But since I hate pixelart …

… And I wanted to go for a more painted style …

I’ve decided to go with a harsh pixel outline, but on the inside, still paint everything (so I’m using like a million colours). I draw the outline first, then paint big, and scale it back down – it works wonders.

That’s what I’ve come up with for now. Still tweaking some things of course.

And yes, my inspiration definitely comes from harvest Moon.


Shaky lines

So this is my … 4th (I think) piece while drawing on my tablet, and I still can’t get rid of the shaky lines 😦

I don’t know how other people pull it off, but I think I’ve been way too used to a mouse all these years. I guess more practice and faster strokes will even things out. Until then … shaky lines >_<

On a sidenote: some people sure are shocked to find my stockpile of MomoKai art and fanfic.

Eyes are the best

Drawing eyes is my favourite thing about drawing. Everything else, ehhh, I don’t like it. I like seeing the finished product, so I force myself through the process, but I only enjoy making eyes!

So here’s some eyes on my newest MomoKai drawing.

I like to draw big (and in 300dpi) so that I can later print it if I want to. Now to actually finish the rest of the drawing …