Rural Farm Tiles

I actually forgot to make a post about this! But my resource pack was finished on March 11, 2014. Exactly a year and one day later after I started working on it. And it started selling on March 20, 2014. I’m so happy to have finally finished it, and I’m really proud of it (as well as the trailer). I actually proposed to not set a high price for it (it could easily have been $45 due to all of the content), because I really want to encourage people to buy it, and not scare them away.

Anyways, Harvest Moon clones please, nao.


Buy it here.


4 thoughts on “Rural Farm Tiles

  1. I’ve bought it and it’s really great! But it seems like there is missing one file: “hud_equip_195” (the graphic which is used when bellpepper is equipped)

  2. Great job on your tile set, I really like it! I would, however, want to use it for a game made not with RPGmaker. The RPGmaker homepage states that resources bought from their site are only licensed to use with RPGmaker. Any chance you would sell the resources with a license to use them with any game?

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