Voltage Inc. Otome Game reviews 4

Well I’m back, with lots more games under my wing! Now let’s see if I can actually remember half of them.

As always, spoilers – spoilers everywhere!


Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

foto_ 056
My rating:

Ryuzo! Okay so I have a thing for thickheaded characters who are a complete idiot and oblivious but have a very warm heart. Ryozo is that guy. And he’s funny. Really funny. He doesn’t actually remember the heroine at all from ten years ago, and treats her like a complete stranger at first. When they were kids, he used to find her when she got lost, which is cute. Anyways, back to the present. For some outlandish reason, the floor of your bedroom gives way when a bunch of books fall over (don’t ask), and the heroine is without a bedroom – oh no! Whatever shall she do!? Move the fuck in with Ryuzo of course, duh. The heroine cooks every day for Ryuzo and they grow closer, but she constantly thinks she’s simply a ‘sister’ to Ryuzo, notthing else. Shenanigans happen when they have to keep this a secret to everyone else.

What’s odd about Ryuzo’s route is that it has multiple drama points. By that I mean, it’s not just one story with Ryuzo, it’s several. The first one is that the girls in the heroine’s class are getting jealous she’s so close with Ryuzo and basically bully her. The heroine distances herself from Ryuzo and he’s like “Wtf is up with you?”. This plotpoint is promptly dropped in favour of the next one; Ryuzo’s uncanny ability to come across as a yakuza (mafia). This means whenever something bad happens, Ryuzo gets blamed. The heroine does an awesome “Don’t judge him by his appearance!” moment in front of a teacher – but that is completely negated when Ryuzo himself scolds her for it (wtf dude). Then the next dramalama is that the heroine gets all depressed because she’s in love with Ryuzo, but she’s sure he just sees her as his little sister. Next is, the heroine gets some sort of stalker, who only went after her because she looked like a ‘slut’, then almost tries to rape her (Voltage, can we stop including rape stories? Thanks), but of course Ryuzo saves the day. This of course … escalates into the fact that Ryuzo punched someone (the stalker) and got into trouble for it at school because he looks like a yakuza.

The whole thing ends on a date with Ryuzo, who asks the heroine out, and cutely tries to ask for advice from the rest of the group and the heroine accidentally walks in on him as they all try to give him date advice haha. It’s funny. Anyways their date is a disaster because it starts to rain (if you go for the super happy ending, the other ending you and Ryuzo go sightseeing on his motorcycle), so instead they hang out in Ryuzo’s room. Except their entire family is listening in on them at the door, so Ryuzo whisks the heroine away to the treehouse they used to play in when they were kids. Ryuzo pulls on some moves but … has no idea what to do, so he starts to blabber on, and asks the heroine if she will wash his underwear.


Obviously what he really meant to say was “I like you and want to be with you every day.” he’s just an idiot, that’s all. Then they kiss a lot. Yay. Really fun route.

My rating:

Ichigo is basically the main guy in Dreamy Days of West Tokyo, despite being the third selection in the character page. His entire background in a nutshell; he liked you as a kid, but didn’t know how to get your attention so he bullied you. He kissed you during a meteor shower, which the heroine has apparently forgotten about. Then when you meet up with him again ten years later, he still bullies you and pretends he never had a crush on you. He also has an extreme rivalry with Haruki, and is very bitter and jealous towards him (why are they even friends!?). Due to him being popular at school (seriously, who isn’t popular in this group?) the heroine gets a lot of flak for it from his fangirls. He also has issues with coming to terms that he likes baking cakes, and wants to become a pastry chef, but hates the pressure his family puts on him.

He’s got quite a bit of issues; he doesn’t know how to express his feelings (always hiding them and doing the opposite, hurting the people he likes), has a brother complex and hates his father (his brother was supposed to take over the family business but he ran off, so it all lands on his shoulders), and in general he’s just an ass. Then he misunderstands the relationship between you and his older brother, and just gets all prissy about it and sulks for a while (“Just get away from me”), then straight out says he doesn’t like the heroine and she should just shack up with his brother. What a dick. Also, why couldn’t the heroine just say “You’re the one I like!”, what a spineless girl again.

His confession was lame. “I like you, so be with me forever.” and then the heroine, whom had up to this point demonstrated no sign of being upfront at all says she likes him too. Then they kiss.

Yawn, boring.

foto_ 081
My rating:

At first I thought Takeshi was going to be another Shion clone (reads books, is aloof all the time), fortunately he’s not. He’s actually a much more caring version of Shion. He’s not aloof, he’s just very … incapable of conveying his feelings for you. So at first he’s kind of ‘meh’ towards you, but he warms up really fast and you can tell he’s got growing feelings for the heroine and cares about her.

Takeshi likes to run, or well, he used to. That’s all his dramalama. As a kid, he used to be the fastest out of them all, and would race all the time. The heroine was always very impressed, and well, Takeshi liked to impress her. Fastforward ten years later and Takeshi lost his will to run so he doesn’t anymore. Instead Ryuzo’s little brother now wants to enter a race to impress a girl he likes, and the heroine wants to encourage him so she gets Takeshi to help train him. Takeshi also helps out his family at the bathhouse, and the heroine helps out every now and then as well. The gang has gotten into this weird thing they do where they help other people who … need something, I guess. Think Scooby Doo. Anyways, Takeshi’s grandma wants to find her first love, so this is now the herione’s and Takeshi’s task to find him. So the group takes an airplane to Osaka and Takeshi falls asleep on the heroine’s shoulder, cute. Anyways, they find the guy’s old home address, but only find some other dude who says that person lives in Hokkaido right now. Anyways, at night Takeshi and the heroine sneak out and go explore the town together.

There’s also an issue with the fact the heroine thinks Takeshi has a girlfriend in the form of Natsumi, who is always hanging around Takeshi at school. What the heroine doesn’t know, is that Natsumi is the manager of the track team, and wants Takeshi to join again so she’s always pestering him about it. Afterwards, the heroine really wants Takeshi to join the Tokyo Marathon or something.

Long story short, Takeshi enters the race, wins it, and confesses to the heroine. All ends well!

I’ve got more guys that I’ve paid for, but am too lazy to write about.


1 thought on “Voltage Inc. Otome Game reviews 4

  1. From Dreamy Days in West Tokyo; I bought Takeshi, Ichigo, and Haruki’s route. Takeshi’s was my favorite but that doesn’t say too much because I don’t really plan on buying any of their squeals. Thanks for posting =] I really enjoy reading them xD

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